Visitor Centers at Mount Rainier are located in four areas:  

•  Longmire
•  Sunrise
•  Ohanapecosh                                                                


Paradise is the most popular visitor destination in Mount Rainier National Park with
its spectacular wildflower-covered meadows, miles of hiking trails, and awesome  
views of the mountain, glaciers, and surrounding Cascade mountain peaks.  It is
reached via the Tacoma/Nisqually entrance in the southwest corner of the park.  
Both the Visitor Center and Inn at Paradise were upgraded in 2008.

Paradise:  Henry Jackson Visitor Center -  This brand new Visitor Center at
Paradise on the South side of Rainier  opened in the fall of 2008.   It replaced the
old "Flying Saucer" visitor center that was built in the mid-60's and was long-
overdue to be updated.  It offers exhibits, a great new film on Mount Rainier, a
bookstore, snack bar, gift shop and guided Ranger-programs.  The paved road to
5,400-foot-elevation Paradise remains open year-round.  The visitor center is
usually open daily from May to early October. From mid-October through April, it is
usually open only on weekends and holidays.

Paradise is a popular snowplay area in the winter - averaging 680 inches of snow
per year. Information Hotline:  360-569-2211.  See our Mt. Rainier Lodging section
for other lodging options.  

Paradise Webcam: To see the webcam for Paradise check our Mt. Rainier
Webcam section.  

Paradise: Guide House -   The Guide house holds the Paradise Wilderness
Information Center, where visitors can obtain wilderness permits and hiking and
backcountry camping information.

Paradise Inn:
    Lodging and a restaurant and gift shop
    are available at the nearby Paradise
    Inn during the summer operated by a
    concessionaire from late May through
    early October.   Year-round lodging
    within the park remains available at the
    lower-elevation National Park Inn at
    Longmire.  Get information on both
    inns at
    or 360-569-2275.  

Longmire is located in the southwest corner of the park and is 6.5 miles east of the
Nisqually Entrance.   Services at Longmire include the following:

Longmire Museum: Usually open daily all year, offers exhibits, information,
books sales.

Longmire: Wilderness Information Center - Usually open daily from
late May to early October and closed in winter, where visitors can obtain wilderness
permits and hiking and backcountry camping information. (In the winter, visitors can
obtain climbing and wilderness permits at the Longmire Museum.)

    The National Park Inn
    At Longmire, the concessionaire
    operated hotel, restaurant and gift
    shop, is usually open daily, all year.


Sunrise is the closest you can drive to the summit of Mount Rainier and the most
visited spot in the Park after Paradise.  Sunrise is located 60 miles northeast of the
Nisqually Entrance and 14 miles northwest of the Sunrise/White River turnoff on
Highway 410.   With its wildflower covered meadows and a great system of trails
meandering right up to the glaciers it is a breathtaking spot to hike, take photos, or
just sit and enjoy the view.

Sunrise Visitor Center : Open daily from early July to early October and closed in
winter.   Features exhibits, guided interpretive programs, book sales, and a picnic

Sunrise Day Lodge: Open from early July to late September, offers food service,
and a gift shop. There is no overnight lodging at the Sunrise Day Lodge.

Ohanapecosh  ("Oh-hanna-pee-cosh")

    Ohanapecosh's claim to fame is its old-
    growth forests featuring 1000-year-old
    Douglas fir, western red cedar, and
    western hemlock trees.  Located in the
    southeast corner of the park,
    Ohanapecosh, is an Indian name
    meaning  “standing at the edge.”    
    Ohanapecosh is located 3 miles north
    of the park boundary on highway 123
    and 42 miles east of the Nisqually
    Entrance.  Not accessible in winter.  

At the Grove of the Patriarchs, located approximately 3 miles north of the visitor
center and campground, visitors can hike a short ( 1 mile ) nature trail along the
Ohanapecosh River and through the middle of an old growth forest.

Ohanapecosh Visitor Center:  Open from June to early October, offers
exhibits, guided interpretive programs, and book sales.

Ohanapecosh Campground and picnic area: Open late May to early October.
Forest Learning Center
Mount Rainier Visitor Centers
Photo by Janet Jensen - Tacoma News Tribune
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