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Mount Rainier National Park, created in 1899,  is a must-see destination when visiting
Washington State, Seattle or Portland and just an hour away is the
Mount St. Helens
National Monument.   The Parks numerous glaciers, snowfields, wildflower-filled meadows,
and 1000 year-old towering firs highlight the Parks 235,625 acres.  With 26 glaciers, 63
different species that call the park home, and 382 lakes the park is a travelers delight.   

    At 14,410 feet, Mount Rainier is the most prominent peak in the
    Northwest and a popular destination for hiking, biking, climbing,
    skiing and camping.  Watch our Travel Videos to get a feel for the
    beauty of the Park.  An active volcano, Mt. Rainer is located  50
    miles southeast of Seattle, two hours from Portland and receives
    over 1.3 million visitors per year.   You can see Rainier and St.
    Helens in one day but there are plenty of reasons to stay over.
    Mount Rainier was the fourth National Park created after
    Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Sequoia.   

The Mount Rainier National Park is open all year though
winter access is only available
from the Ashford - Nisqually Entrance, in the southwest corner of the park on the way to
Paradise & Longmire.    Mount Rainier National Park has five main access areas: Longmire
and Paradise are the popular access areas from the south and feature Visitor Centers,
Lodge and Restaurants.  Sunrise provides easy access from Seattle and the north and also
features breathtaking views of Mount Rainier and a small Visitor Center.  

    Ohanapecosh from Packwood and
    Carbon/Mowich in the NW access routes
    feature more rustic camping and hiking
    opportunities.  Paradise, with its numerous
    hiking trails through wildflower-covered
    meadows up to snow-covered glaciers is the
    most popular destination.  Second is Sunrise
    as its the closest you can get to the peak by
    car and offers great trails and views of Mount

Visitor Centers: The new Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitor Center at Paradise
opened in 2008 and is open year-round offering snackbar, grill and giftshop.  From
November-April  it is open only Sat, Sun, Holidays from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.  The nearby
Paradise Inn offers Lodging, dining, post office, & gifts.  The National Park Inn at
Longmire is open year-round and offers lodging, dining, post office, groceries & gifts.  The
Longmire Museum is open Nov-Apr from 9:00 am -4:30 pm.  Sunrise Visitor Center on
the north-side of Mount Rainier is open July thru September and offers food and gifts.  The
Ohanapecosh Visitor Center is open May - October.  

When to visit? All seasons! Wildflowers are at their best in July and August. High trails
may remain snow covered until mid-July.  Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are
popular in the winter.   Be sure to check the latest
road report due to storm damage.

    Where to go?  If you have only a day, enter at the
    Ashford/Nisqually Entrance in the southwest and head to
    the wild-flower covered fields of Paradise.  Enjoy the centers
    at Longmire & Paradise and continue on to Sunrise, the
    highest point accessible by car. If you have 2 days, take the
    same route but take the time to hike to reflection lakes at
    Paradise or other short trails. Plan to explore as far as
    Paradise the first day, then tour Stevens Canyon Road and
    continue on to Sunrise the following day.

    Short on Time?  If you are traveling during July-Sep from
    Seattle and don't have a lot of time head straight for Sunrise
    for a breathtaking look at Mt. Rainier.  Have a little more
    time or want to fit in a trip to Mount St. Helens also - head
    for Longmire & Paradise !

Park Entrance Fees: The entrance fee is $15 per car (or  $30 annual pass).   If arriving by
motorcycle, bicycle, horseback, on foot or non-commercial group its $5/person (over 16).  
Fees allow a 7-day entrance permit for Mount Rainier National Park.  America the Beautiful
National Parks Pass ($80) is of course valid for entrance. For campground fee information
see our
Mt. Rainier Campground section.

Rainier Lodging: Mount Rainier has so much scenery and great vacation lodging options
you will want to spend more than a day.   If you are searching for
where to stay at Mt.
Rainier this is the place to look. Our
Mt. Rainier Motel & Lodging Guide makes it easy to
find affordable motels, hotels, campgrounds and RV parks.  See our
Rainier Guide to
Inns & Lodges for a special get-a-way.   Our Mt. Rainier Cabin and Vacation Rentals
guide features dozens of great vacation getaway spots.  Our
Mount Rainier Camping &
RV Park information section covers campgrounds and camping both in and out of the park.  
For places to eat while here see our
Mount Rainier Restaurant Guide.

Check out the view on the Mt. Rainier Web Cam and shop for Travel Guides, Rainier
Hiking & Trail Guide Books and much more at our Bookstore.

    Thinking about Hiking Mount Rainier ?  The Park
    features over 50 great hiking trails including the
    fantastic Wonderland Trail with views so amazing that
    the trail is frequently voted among the best trails in
    the world by backpacking magazines. Check all the
    hikes out on our Mount Rainier Hiking and Trail
    Guide and see our hiking videos below.  The views of
    Rainier's wildlife, glaciers, flowers, and majestic
    summit reflecting on the many lakes is spectacular.

Planning to climb Mount Rainier?  Unless you are an experienced pro you will want a guide -
this is not your day-trek hike up Mount St. Helens - this is where climbers train for Mount
Everest! See our
Mt. Rainier Climbing Guide.  Be sure to see the great 360 degree
view of Mount Rainer.   Our Mt. Rainier map section and interactive Mt. Rainier
satellite view will help get you to your Rainier destination.

Be sure to watch our short visitor's videos on our
Mount Rainier Video page.  It provides
you a great look at visitors hiking, climbing, photographing, and enjoying Mount Rainier.

Mt. Rainier Photo Gallery features some great shots and our Rainier Photography
section will be featuring blog tips on where to get the best photos.

History Buffs: Enjoy a brief look back at
History of Mount Rainier National Park.

Thank you again for your visit to our Mt. Rainer Visitor Travel Guide and Vacation Planner -
your source for Mt. Rainer Visitor Information.  

Enjoy your visit to the Mount Rainier National Park and our other great nearby attractions
Mount St. Helens and Northwest Trek.

Mount St. Helens National Park Visitor Guide

About Us:  This online Mount Rainier Visitor Guide was created to provide an information resource for our
visitors while helping promote local businesses.   I'm the editor of Rainier Visitor Guide and I've been
hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, photographing, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, and otherwise enjoying the
Western Washington and Mt. Rainier area for many, many years and have been involved in regional
tourism for the past 20 years.  I hope you enjoy the site.  I welcome your input.    

Email me for more info.  

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use - all rights reserved by the artist, photographer or photo-distribution entity.

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Indians of the Northwest  
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The modern name, Mount
Rainier, was given to the
volcanic peak in 1792 by
Captain George Vancouver
of the British Royal Navy.
He named it in honor of his
friend, Rear Admiral Peter

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