Climb Mt. Rainier
Mount Rainier, training ground for Mt. Everest Climbers, offers an exciting challenge to the
climbers and mountaineers.  Every year thousands of people successfully climb the 14,410 feet to
the summit of Mount Rainier.   We have included the important links and applications on this page.  
The phone number for Mount Rainier climbing rangers is (360) 569-6009.  Here is the contact info
for the mountaineering guide services - if this is your first mountain climb you should use these
guides if you plan on going all the way to the summit.

    Climbing Videos - See our many you-tube
    Mount Rainier Climbing Videos taken by recent
    climbers trying to reach the summit.  This is a great
    way to get a feel for what's involved.   Mount Rainier
    Climbing Videos.

    The National Park has regulations governing camping
    and Climbers must follow low impact camping
    regulations.  Camping is allowed only on permanent
    snow or ice, or on bare ground areas previously used
    as campsites. Clearing new tent sites on rocky or
    snow free areas is prohibited.  Tread Lightly: Travel
    on established trails to avoid damaging fragile alpine

Registration: Climbers must register and pay the climbing fee prior to climbing and must check
out upon return. Anyone climbing on glaciers, or above 10,000 feet, must register and pay the
climbing fee.  This is one that gets people in trouble as some glaciers extend below 10,000 feet.
Solo travel above high camps or anywhere on glaciers.   Anyone younger than 18 years of age
must have the permission of a parent or legal guardian before climbing above normal high camps.

    Climbing Fee: The fee for a
    climbing pass is $30 per
    person per calendar year.
    Passes purchased in
    November and December
    are valid for the following
    calendar year.

Where to get your Climbing pass: Late-May until mid-October, obtain a pass from the Paradise
Climbing Information Center (CIC), the Jackson Visitor Center (JVC), White River Wilderness
Information Center (WIC), Longmire WIC or the Carbon River Ranger Station.   Mid-October to mid-
May, purchase passes at the Longmire Museum daily or the Jackson Visitor Center on weekends
and holidays. You can also purchase your Mount Rainier Climbing Pass in advance: download and
complete the
Climbing Pass Purchase Form right here , then fax or mail to the park. Fax form to
(360)569-3131 or mail it to Wilderness Reservations Office, 55210 238th Avenue East, Ashford,
WA 98304.  

Climbers who are planning to climb between May 1 and September 30 can use the Wilderness
Reservation System to reserve camping sites.   Reservations will not guarantee a spot in the public
shelter at
Camp Muir, which is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  During the summer months,
reservations can also be made at the Longmire Wilderness Information Center.  For more
information, call the Longmire Wilderness Information Center at (360)569-HIKE

Things to Know Before You Climb

    Recommendations from the National Park Service:  Reaching
    the summit requires a vertical elevation gain of more than 9,000
    feet over a distance of eight or more miles - its a strenuous
    challenge.  Climbers must be in good physical condition and well
    prepared.  Proper physical conditioning can offset the effects of
    fatigue that lead to mistakes and injuries.  

A mountain this high creates its own weather - weather, snow, and route conditions can change
rapidly, making the difference between a pleasant and rewarding experience or tragedy.  Before
beginning a climb, obtain a current weather forecast. During your climb, turn back if weather
conditions deteriorate. Severe winter-like storms on the mountain are not uncommon
even during
the summer
.  Keep in mind that climbing Rainier - while thrilling, challenging, and rewarding - can
be deadly for those unprepared or without caution.  Be safe.

Important Rainier Climbing Links:

NPS Climbing Info Page

NW Avalanche Forecast Center

Route Conditions & Current Information

Mount Rainier Climbing Blog

Climbing Maps

Low Cost Climbing - for the rest of us !  You can have 90% of the fun with
10% of the work by climbing just as far as Camp Muir.  Slide back down ( glissade ) on your back
side for a fun and easy ride back.
Mount Rainier Climbing Video
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